Eyelid Lift, Smoothes
Lines & Wrinkles, Facelift 
-Fast Results
-Results Lasts 6-9 Months
-Fast Recuperation

Lines are Reduced and Eyelid Lifted only after one session

Microneddling + Ion Pen

Photos Taken Before Procedure and 3 Weeks Later

Visible Changes: As you can see forehead wrinkle look smoother and filled, she used to have a deep wrinkle and now it's almost closed. 

After 3 weeks her face looks firm and nourished.

From this angle, you can see that smile lines in both sides it looks lifted and smoother.

Under Eye Bags are reduced

The eyelid looks a bit lifted however on the second session that will be our focus.


Genesis Microblading Spa is proud to announce our latest treatment PHILINGS developed by the BEST PhiAcademy, they are #1 in the latest beauty and skin care trends in the world!
The procedure is aimed at stimulating microcirculation and the natural processes of collagen production and regeneration. (It has also been successfully used for hair restoration in cases of non-androgenic alopecia).  Micro-punctures are being inflicted by hand, in the region of the most prominent wrinkles or skin changes, and by Phi needlePen system for the wider facial skin areas. Microneedles penetrate the skin to the depth of 0,2 – 0,75mm and the procedure is considered to be painless. During the treatment, specially designed and patented Solution is being applied to the skin surface and subsequently absorbed. After the treatment, the client is issued with special kind of aftercare product (Ultimate skin Cocktail and PhiSoothing cream) followed by detailed instruction for use. Proper aftercare products application is of great importance.



Phi-Ion treatment is based on the creation of series of minute dots adjacent to the tension lines on the skin. This process triggers an instant contraction and tightening of skin fibers to create a lifting, remodeling and rejuvenating effect. Phi-Ion pen uses the plasma state of matter. The principle involves the ionization of gases from the atmospheric air to create micro electrical discharge causing sublimation of the excessive/sagging superficial skin layer. This method can be used to treat specific areas of concern without damaging the surrounding tissue or applying unwanted heat energy to them.

Treatment results include: skin hydration, increased skin tone and smoothness causing existing wrinkles to be less visible and skin younger looking. Results become visible 24 hours after the procedure and shall last for a few months. The procedure is repeated up to three times ten to fourteen days apart.

After the procedure, the skin will be red and flushed in a similar way to moderate sunburn. You may also experience skin tightness and mild sensitivity to touch on the area being treated. This will diminish greatly after a few hours following treatments and within the next 24 hours, the skin will be completely healed. After 3 days most visible erythema will be absolved.

These photos are the work from fellow trainees that trained with me at the official Philings Training in Mexico.

This is one of Genesis Microblading Spa Client during the procedure.