The Best Technique - Our instructor is constantly upgrading and perfecting her technique to share with the students the latest trend in the industry.

State of the Art Facilites - We provide students a comfortable place for them to take the course and do follow up training.

Continuous Support for 3 Months - We do not just train you, we provide you with the tools to make you a Microblading Master, our name is everything and we know that if you become the best that reflects who we are!

Microblading Kit - We provide you with a comprehensive kit that contains everything you need to practice with good quality tools.

Money Making Opportunities - After you graduate, if you don't have a place to perform your new skill, we offer money making opporunities to the students that stand out. You are able to work under our umbrella and profit from your new skill.

Get certified to become the next Microblading Expert!
Learn the skill of Microblading and help your clients look their best by defining their face and bringing out their features. 
Become part of this fun and lucrative business, be your own boss!
DAY 1:

  • Skin Anatomy & Contraindications
  • Patch Testing
  • Consultation
  • Pre & Post Care Protocol
  • Touch-Up Recommendations
  • Symmetry Artistry
  • Color Mixing
  • Client Prep and Station Setup
  • Practice Application on Paper & Practice Skin
  • Licensing Requirements
  • Pigment & Needle Suppliers
  • Book material

Includes a mini kit

10 Needles blades
1 Microblading pen
3 Pigment
1 Eyebrow pencil
2 Artificial skin
1 Thread

Day 2:

Exclusive technique Eyebrow design practice live model.
Practice on artificial skin
One-on-one time with the instructor

Teacher demonstration on Live Model

Day 3:

Student practicing on Live Model

*Practice on a live model is subject to the teacher's approval of the student's performance during class and completion of all homework and assignments. 

In case the student is not ready we will give more time to practice.

Certificate of Attendance

Upon conclusion Microblading Course the student will have more support when it's necessary.
With over 10 years of experience in the semi-permanent makeup industry and having perfected her own Microblading technique, Paola Gourdeau loves to share her expertise and knowledge with the latest techniques and products used within the industry. She walks you thru her own journey of expertise and develops your understanding of being able to make the perfect eyebrows to fulfill all your client’s needs. Her passion is to make you the best Microblading artist because it’s an extension of her mastering the skill.

This new method has endless income potential and we will help you thru every step. Our goal is your success.

FYI: Before you choose your instructor to review their work, experience, and dedication. Get references and read reviews because you deserve the best!

Course Cost

3 days $2500 Spanish - English

Payment Options:
We do accept Paypal Credit, Credit Cards, Cash.

Please let us know if you would like to apply for financing through Paypal Credit and we will email an invoice

$500 deposit required when placing reservation for class

IMPORTANT:  Classes are very hands-on and therefore we do not allow more than 5 students per class. 
We often train exclusively one on one.  Why?  It is important to us for our students to have the confidence and the proper training to become the most successful microblading artist they can be.  When you graduate from our class you not only get what you NEED but what you WANT!

RESERVE YOUR SPOT $500. Deposit